Local Escape Rooms in St. Louis

We have compiled a list of local escape rooms in downtown St Louis that are in close proximity of the convention center. If you are interested in visiting any of these locations just click on the links and it will take you to the their websites to book your reservations. Please note that these are offsite events that TransWorld does not produce; please contact these establishments directly for booking or questions.

St. Louis Escape 1517 South 8th Street St Louis, MO
Located next door to the Darkness St Louis Escape will be open every day for the Escape / Haunt industry (March 18-24). We now offer 5 escape rooms including the all-new Pirates Curse. Since last show we’ve totally updated our Cellar and Mummy escape rooms with new puzzles, props and scenes. Furthermore we’ve renovated our lobby to include pre-shows, and a pinball party room. If you book rooms prior to March 1st you can use promo code ‘transworld19’ and save 20% on any room you book! Book now at www.StLouisEscape.com


Red Herring Escape Rooms Red Herring Escape Rooms is located in the heart of the Delmar Loop: 6358 Delmar Blvd Suite #222

Red Herring Escape Rooms is located 20 minutes west of the Transworld Convention site in the popular Delmar Loop neighborhood. Strong production value but with an emphasis on game play and puzzle design, RHER is sure to entertain. Experienced ER players are encouraged to request our “spicy hot” setting when booking for an escape experience that dials up the heat. Adult tickets are $26.50 + taxes per person. Visit www.rherooms.com and use code RHER-TW19 for 20% off. Groups of 4 or more may request a private room at no additional cost. Our local restaurant partners within walking distance of our location offer discounts and specials to our customers.

  • The Oval-ish Office (groups of 2-10): What started out as a casual tour through the White House with your friends has turned into something entirely different. A submarine in the Pacific Ocean has launched a nuclear missile targeted right at the White House! Your team has 60 minutes to find the activation codes hidden within the Oval Office to activate the Steel Shield Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense System to save the nation’s capital from destruction. And then you have to escape… Good luck with that.
  • The Deadly Inheritance (groups of 2-8): You don’t remember having an Uncle Martin, so you are surprised when you hear from his lawyer informing you that he has died in a horrible shipwreck, leaving you as an heir to his estate! You’re even more surprised to find out that the old retired sea captain was actually the infamous marauding pirate Mad Martin! Your team has 60 minutes to find his secret stash, gather the precious diamonds, and escape before his deadly pirate colleagues show up to steal the booty for themselves — making sure no witnesses are left to tell the tale…

Mastermind Room Escape  440 N 4th St. Ste 290 St. Louis, MO 63102

As TripAdvisor’s #1-rated escape room in St. Louis since 2015, we’ve had lots of people have a blast in our rooms.  Plus, we’re just blocks away from the convention center! With 6 themes to choose from and the option of two sets of competing rooms, we have games for any type of escapee. We’re a family-owned, local business with 2 locations in the St. Louis area (our other location is in St. Charles, about 25 minutes outside of town).  So, we’d love to have you come play our rooms and show you our St. Louis hospitality. Click Here to View All Our St. Louis Rooms and Book Now!

We have 6 themes in our downtown escape room location for your visit in March:

  • Secret Society **Optional 2 Competition Rooms** (Max 8 People Each): While you’ve been researching a secret society, little did you know they were researching YOU. While walking down the street, you are picked up and thrown into a van. You wake up in an unfamiliar place and must pass the initiation…or fail forever.
  • The Diamond Heist (10 people max): You’re a bunch of dirty criminals. You’re trying to get rich by stealing the world’s largest diamond. You have 60 minutes to steal the diamond and get out before you’re busted by the cops.
  • The Creepy Lair (12 people max): A psychotic killer has brought you back to his lair planning to torture and kill every single one of you. Thankfully for you, he broke his drill bit on another victim and had to run to the hardware store before getting back to finish his work on you. So, you have 60 minutes to get out…before HE returns to finish the job.
  • The Castle (12 people max): There are two kingdoms: one ruled by the good king and the other by a cruel and jealous king. The Evil King has stolen the Good King’s crown. You must get into the Evil King’s castle, retrieve the crown, and escape before his guards behead you.
  • Cardinals Quest (Max 12 People): In a tied game between Cards and Cubs, the field lights have gone dark! You must figure out how to turn the lights back on before game time is up or we’ll have to replay the game in Chicago.
  • Elf Escape **Optional 2 Competition Rooms**(Max 10 People Each): Help Buddy and Santa save Christmas by finding the Christmas spirit or the toys won’t be delivered this Christmas Eve.

(More themes available at our St. Charles location, about 25 minutes west. Check our site for more details.)

Escape From St. Louis 7403 Manchester Rd, Maplewood

Do you think you can catch an evil Wizard, steal the Mummy’s jewels or solve a murder?  Find out if you have what it takes at Escape From St. Louis.  Our games are unique, immersive and intense!  Our team of talented individuals design and build our rooms with passion and a love of the game.  If you are looking for something out of the box, come check us out!

At Escape From St. Louis you will never be in a room with strangers, we only book private rooms.  So, whether you have 2 people or 10, the room is all yours.  Located about 9 miles from the Convention Center.

Our rooms:

Check availability HERE.  Enter code TRANSWORLD in the comments when booking to receive 15% off.   Private events and off schedule bookings also available upon request – 314-202-8880.  BOOK NOW!

Escape The Room St Louis:  1201 Washington Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103

Escape The Room is the US leader in the immersive field of escape games.  With 21 company owned locations spanning the United States, Escape The Room is the largest and fastest growing company in this burgeoning space. Escape The Room St Louis, is a second generation location in the Escape The Room arsenal. It’s the largest facility in the Midwest and is located just 3 blocks from the convention center, featuring 4 different themed adventures including Dig (a game originally designed for USA Network and presented as a pop-up game in 5 different US cities including as a featured attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando).

Each and every game is designed by a team consisting of a Fulbright Scholar, a theme park engineer, an off-Broadway director, scenic artists and a world-wide leader in immersive events and then beta-tested to focus groups prior to opening to the general public.  Come experience what celebrities like Tina Fey, Olivia Wilde, Stephen Sondheim, Neil Patrick Harris, Kendall Jenner and Adrian Grenier have made the most popular attraction in NYC. Click to Book Now!

Escape the Room St. Louis offer four unique and exciting rooms you won’t find anywhere else:

  • The Agency (8 players)
  • The Apartment (12 players)
  • The Dig (10 players)
  • The Western Bank Heist (12 players)

Tickets available from $28 Tuesday-Sunday at stlouis.escapetheroom.com! Private events and off schedule booking also available!

No Way Out Escape Room Adventures 3502 Papin Street St. Louis, MO 63102

No Way Out Escape Room Adventures is a 5-Star Google-Rated and reviewed adventure with an exceptional reputation. No Way Out is less than a 10 minute drive from Downtown Saint Louis – a few blocks from The Fabulous Fox Theatre, Forest Park, The Chaifetz Arena, The Grove and Lafayette Square; perfectly tucked away for an intimate experience. Impress your guests with the privacy and seclusion offered by this brilliant venue for your ultimate team escape adventure.

We have dedicated our entire second floor to the escape experience, so you have plenty of space to explore. Free parking is available in the front and rear of the building. Private packages and group pricing are options when you book online. Will you join the 22% of participants to complete our challenge? Visit www.nowayoutstl.com to BOOK NOW!

Sorry Charlie (teams of 2-15, up to 30 if you call in): Charlie has gone mad! The IRS froze his bank accounts, the bank foreclosed on his apartment, his fiancé left him, and the hits just keep on coming. Charlie plans to destroy the world and it’s going to take a really crafty team to find out what he’s up to and stop him. The place is booby trapped – Once you’re in, you’ll only have 60 minutes to save us all! Are you up for the challenge?

Check available times or schedule your experience by visiting our website.

Escape Challenge St. Louis 11978 Dorsett Road., St. Louis, MO 63043, located 20 easy miles from the Convention Center.

Experience St. Louis’ Premier Entertainment Attraction –  5 star reviewed Escape Rooms, Full Body Virtual Reality and Head to Head Challenge Games. We have created an entertainment destination for tourists and locals alike to hang out in St. Louis in a new, unique way. Because we’re #stlforlife, we proudly serve local snacks and beverages, offering a fun look into the St. Louis culture.  All of our Escape Rooms are designed in-house – no mass produced, duplicated games here… and enthusiasts rave!

Our Rooms:

  • Mansion Library – Max 10 players – 5 of 5 difficulty
  • The Time Machine – Max 8 players – 4 of 5 difficulty
  • Escape the Office – Max 8 players – 3 of 5 difficulty

Save 10% when booking by using promo code “TWORLD19“, bringing your price down to $22.50 per player!! BOOK NOW

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